Most coaches, consultants and therapists put their time and energy in the wrong places. They shrink from visibility or compare and despair instead of focusing on what actually gets results.     

This is why so many intelligent and caring women feel invisible in a sea of samey coaches and fail to grow a consistent, healthy income.

This high-touch, high-impact mastermind is designed to help you stop wasting time, zero on your superpowers, slay your demons and step gracefully into lasting, fulfilling success.

You know you’re amazing at what you do but you always feel as if you’re underearning.
Your marketing is either non-existent, inconsistent, or underperforming.
You know you’re underselling yourself on every level and you wish you could earn the same if  if not more than what you did in your previous successful corporate career

You’re a phenomenal coach…

Can you imagine, instead...

Creating a high-level signature coaching program with a waitlist of clients queuing to work with you?

Can you picture a sold-out retreat in beautiful Bali or picturesque Provence?

Having a bestselling book? Invitations to speak on panels? A podcast with a loyal tribe of fans?

ALL of this (and way more) is possible. It just requires a different way of thinking and acting.

Carve out your signature coaching niche

I’ve poured 15 years of business, personal branding and psychology expertise into creating this transformational mastermind of purpose-driven, accredited coaches. It’s carefully designed to give you the skills, strategies and support you need to make incredible success possible:

A step-by-step process to getting more higher paying, dream clients without working more hours.

A concrete, proven strategy for promoting yourself without ‘shouty’ marketing tactics.

A plan for building a bigger platform - creating courses, books and workshops - without feeling petrified.

I’ll work closely with you to grow a business that’s fulfilling in all ways - financially and emotionally.

But most importantly, I’ll support you to run things, your way. No more scattergun tactics. No get rich quick, cookie-cutter formulas. Just real results, from a real coach.

You see, when you run your business in a way that works with - rather than fights against - your personality, 


You zero on your perfect business model, making abundant, authentic success possible.
You effortlessly attract aligned dream clients with the right offers.
And because you’re playing to your strengths, work feels easy.
You stop going in circles. You stay in your own lane. You stop letting little things derail you.
But here’s the catch, it’s impossible to do this for yourself! You’re too close to it. You need other people to reflect your own genius back to you, before you can see it in yourself.

It would be my honour to lead you on this journey.

" I would recommend Salma’s coaching services, without hesitation. She’s a warm, encouraging and intuitive business coach, who meets you at your level. I didn’t feel pressured at any point, she has a relaxed but focussed manner – and she is also very straight talking, which I like. She is open minded and great to brain storm with! And will add great ideas into the pot as well."

Harriet Hay
The Big Break Coach

How is this different from other masterminds?

  • It’s based on proven business frameworks and the power of your personal brand archetype
  • It blends, training, coaching and masterminding, but most importantly - it’s extremely high-touch
  • You’ll receive plenty of 121s with my signature dash of coaching and dollop of mentoring.
  • I bring together the right mix of people to support each other to their greatest potential
  • You won’t be doing this alone anymore. I’ll be right by your side.



Who is this for? 

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been an accredited coach for at least a year or more
  • You’re someone that takes real pride in what you do and you’re committed to your path
  • You’re in this for the long run and determined to succeed but you’re not sure it’s sustainable
  • You’re deeply caring and bring a deeper purpose to your work
  • You’re authentically ambitious - you crave success, but only on your terms

You’re not lacking in skill. But you need to crack your unique advantage, master your magic, packaging your offering, sales, marketing and visibility to reach your potential. 

Which is EXACTLY what this mastermind is designed to do!

Warning: I'm probably not the mentor for you if you’re looking for a flashy promise of a 6-figure coaching business in 7 days. We all know that’s not real.

About Me

I’m an executive coach and mentor, with 16 years of running a successful coaching practice and training business behind me.

I blend deep business knowledge with intuitive wisdom to lead my client’s to the right answers. But I’m there with the straight talk when they’re going off track.  

It’s my life’s work to help others activate their hidden genius, master their genius in a way that makes financial and emotional sense.

I only deliver what is proven to work and what is right for each person.

My Background

Although I firmly believe that how you run your business and marketing should be 100% unique to you. I can fast-track your success because I’ve personally achieved what I teach:

  • I’ve worked with brilliant executives from brands such as O2, Reuters, Oracle, Estee Lauder, Microsoft, HP and Mind.
  • I give keynote speeches, appear on panels and talk at events.
  • I’ve been featured across the national press and I’m now a regular contributor to Psychologies magazine.

Results like these are waiting for you to claim them, too.

Here’s how it works and what you will receive:

Training & Events

Live events and in-person workshops will help you create bespoke business strategies that work to your strengths.

Regular training on hot issues such as money, mindset and sales will help you bolster up your weaknesses

How It Works

With 6 high-touch personal 121 coaching sessions, you’ll finally be able to see and brand your own unique genius.

Fortnightly group calls for accountability and momentum to help you troubleshoot day-to-day business dilemmas


An incredibly supportive handpicked group of likeminded, purpose-driven coaches like you help you stay the course, even when it gets tough.

It is much easier to reach your full potential with an army of support!

Let's get into the detail

The Phoenix Mastermind is a 9 month program. It's the whole enchilada with 1:1 sessions, live group online classes and in-person workshops. It's by application only as we need to make sure the group chemistry and values are aligned.


PER MONTH (VAT included)


6 1:1 sessions

2 in-person workshops

Fortnightly groups calls 

Hands on feedback and review

Guest speakers/masterclasses

Facebook group






6 1:1 sessions 

2 in-person workshops

Fortnightly group calls

Hands on feedback and review

Guest speakers masterclasses 

Facebook group



"Salma is someone who has your back. It was incredibly useful to have an outsider see things you can't see and suggest avenues you hadn't thought of having help clarify goals. Salma is straight talking and has a no nonsense approach but with an awareness of how best to get through to clients. She is incredibly easy to work with and personable."

Karen Arthur
Fashion Designer (#wearyourhappy)

And now for the Bonuses...

Access to my amazing online digital course Soulful Sold Out Workshops

Afternoon Tea in London

Headshot day with complimentary photos

""I have had coaching previously and it didn’t create the shift I needed. I was concerned that she would be another coach who didn’t ‘get me’. Salma was able to blend coaching and mentoring quite seamlessly. This meant she was responsive to my needs. Sometimes I needed to be helped with practical concepts, sometimes I needed my mindset to be challenged: she offered both She didn’t let me off the hook when I was allowing myself to be distracted. The accountability was very valuable. Her structured approach and the simple tools which enabled me to focus. Three benefits of having the coaching were: Her humour, depth of understanding and her motivational style. This all helped to build rapport and created a really effective coaching relationship. I would recommend Salma without reservation and hope to return for some further work. She is challenging and direct without being confrontational. Many business coaches have a system of doing it their way, her structure enabled me to work out how to do it my way. For people in the coaching profession this is crucial, her authenticity enabled my authenticity. Thank you."

Tracey Hartshorn
Executive Coach

Live your purpose profitably and create that ripple effect

If there’s one thing I believe, is that playing small does not serve anyone.

Living your purpose profitably, on the other hand, serves everyone; your family, your clients, your community and ultimately - the planet.

You owe it to the world to live your true potential and be all you’re meant to be.

You've probably got a few questions. If they aren't answered below or you want to dig deeper or need clarification just jump into the chat box

No. From the get go there is a huge commitment and investment in time, resources and energy from our side and the expectation is the same from you too. Our application process is designed to make sure this is the best mastermind for you. We also strongly advice against investing in this program by getting into huge amounts of debt and placing your home at risk.

The next one is September 2019 and then February 2020

Absolutely and I would encourage you to do so. Email us

9 months is the right time to get clarity and start seeing results. As this mastermind has a 1:1, in-person workshops as well as group classes you will move a lot faster than in just a group mastermind.

If you still need further support we would sit down with you and work out what is best for you. Whether that's a VIP day, joining the next mastermind or additional 1:1's. 

Everyone is encouraged to grow at their own pace. The mastermind is designed with this in mind and as it has 1:1's, this supports the different ways coaches like to work.

The group size will have up to 12 

Not at all, I recognise that everyone has their own pace. However as there is a 1:1 element built into the program it will be easier to support anyone who may feel they are being left behind.

The 1:1's, group classes and in-person workshops are ALL delivered by Salma. There will be guest speakers but this is Salma's mastermind not coaches who work for Salma.

As you know from the work you do that nobody can ever guarantee your results. It's just how it is!

I can provide you with the all tools, support, frameworks, the nudge in the right direction and a large dose of accountability


It has to come from you. 

I also know that during the process you will hit blocks, practical, emotional, self-belief. Life will get in the way...

That's why I'm here on your side with my blend of coaching and mentoring help you smash those life and business changing goals.


Yes, it is inclusive of tax and VAT.

Here's what I've observed...

Get the most out of me while we work together. If you agree on an action, do it, ask for feedback and keep going.

Remove yourself from any other programs or groups so you can focus on Phoenix.

Make space and time in your life. This is a huge investment in your future so be willing and open to really put yourself out there.

Be ready to feel uncomfortable as you try something new and different.

Be prepared to keep going when it feels difficult or as if nothing is happening. Trust me things will start to shift and happen.

As you're a coach I trust YOU to process and reach a conclusion but that doesn't mean I will let you off the hook ; -) 


Feel free to use this additional reflection. It might be helpful in a blog about how to coach coaches!!


Warm regards


The group call times will be decided once the group has signed up. Our intention is to have an alternate day time call Friday at 10am or Monday 8pm (GMT). The group calls will be recorded and shared.

The 1:1 will be scheduled around availability and diaries. There will be a 48 hour cancellation time period with these.

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