You're planning a workshop but worried that the activities you've designed will fall as flat as a pancake
What if the audience are disengaged and feel disconnected from your content because it lacks flow and just doesn't resonate?
What if during the workshop you lose credibility and confidence as you notice the mobile phones coming out? And it becomes embarrassingly clear that the participants are no longer concentrating or buy into your message

Soulful Sold Out Workshops is an online program to help you design and deliver high-impact workshops that get your audience's juices flowing. Learn how to get any audience excited AND spark transformation that make lasting impact.

You've been approached by a client and have agreed to deliver a workshop on a topic of their choice but you haven't a clue where to start.
You urgently need to deliver a kickass workshop which includes the key aspects of instructional design, objectives and goal setting.
You'd love your workshops to be an important profitable revenue stream.

You’re ultimate dream would be to have an exclusive signature workshop you're known for

Can you imagine, instead...

Having the tools and best practice workshop design knowledge so your focus is on holding the space for your audience instead of worrying about your content or delivery skills.

Your workshop is a marketing tool which opens doors to high profile exposure and higher ticket offers.

A signature workshop on rinse and repeat and as a high value asset in your business.

Figuring it out on your own through trial and error is risky and the end result might suck. My proven system will guarantee you create a high quality powerful experiential workshop.

Are you looking for ideas and inspiration for your in-person workshop? Look no further!

In 2003 I qualified as an accredited coach, became NLP certified and have since invested and become certified in many psychometric tools. In 2006 I quit my highly successful corporate career and started my training business. Since then working directly with my own clients and through business partnerships I have delivered hundreds of workshops to thousands of participants. My clients have included corporates, not for profit, education and individuals from every corner of the globe. Some clients have come from coaching programmes and others have led to coaching interventions. My 3D framework for soulful sold out workshops is designed to give you the skills to authentically facilitate deep meaningful shifts in your audience

Discover how to sell and market your workshops into corporates and individuals. Pitching your ideas and getting a 'Yes'.

A concrete, step by step proven, simple yet powerful instructional design methodology, that places the audience at the heart of the design. Helping you deliver amazing workshops.

No matter how fabulous your material is, at crunch time it's all about the audience. Learn how to flex and serve any audience at every level.

A small sample of workshops subjects I have designed and delivered globally and across industries include: 

Mastering your magic - The archetype map for coaches

How to build a successful personal brand for women

Leadership skills for technical leaders

Coaching skills for managers and leaders

Winning Demos

Emotional Intelligence

How to deal with difficult people

Mentoring skills 

Building a strong brain for competitive advantage

The dark side of leadership strengths

Storytelling for your business

Team building (with Belbin, SDI, MBTI, Hogan Assessments)

You see, when you deliver a workshop that hits the right spot with your audience in a way that feels effortless - rather than stressful - your business will naturally shift up a gear and 


You zero on your signature workshop and every time you deliver it becomes your very best marketing system
Your one off pilot or taster workshop lands you a lucrative contract 
And because you’re in your zone of genius, facilitation feels easy
You make the shift from worrying about how it's being received to enjoying the challenge of the unknown with every audience
But here’s the catch, it’s impossible to do this if your workshop isn't well-designed. The exercises don't engage different learning styles or personality types.Your material is overwhelming and missing the point. You're thrown off by a difficult participant. Worse case you don't even get past go as HR see right through your amateurish approach and reject your program. 

It would be my honour to share everything I've learnt including my war stories and wounds (of which there have been many!)

"Salma is 100% dedicated to the success of her clients. My concern was how to take a wide variety of content and break it down. Salma is very experienced in running her workshops and this comes through in her teaching."

Catherine Erdly
Founder of Future Retail

How is this different from other online courses?

  • It’s designed from the perspective of how to blend coaching, training and facilitating to deliver an experiential experience to a diverse audience 
  • It uses psychology and archetypes help you discover and shine authentically.  
  • It has exercises and tools you can plug and play or adapt to your style and audience



Who is this for? 

This is for you if:

  • You’re a coach, therapist, trainer or healer. Working for yourself, an associate or employee,
  • You're a complete novice at running workshops and can't afford to learn through trial and error. 
  • You have an idea or several ideas for workshops but don't know if they would work
  • You crave the in-person experience 
  • The thought of standing up in front of a group fills you with terror
  • Your last workshop bombed and you know you need help

You’re not lacking in passion for your subject. Just the know how in workshop design and delivery skills.


About Me

I’m an experienced workshop facilitator, executive coach and mentor with 16 years of running a successful training and coaching practice behind me.

My business isn't built on just coaching coaches. I have a solid track record of coaching, consulting and training with corporates, not for profit and the public sector both locally and globally. I now want to share this 16 years of experience with purpose led coaches, consultants and therapists.

I blend deep business knowledge with intuitive wisdom and psychology.

It’s my life’s work to help others activate their hidden genius, master their genius in a way that makes financial and emotional sense.

I only deliver what is proven to work and what is right for each person.

My Background

Although I firmly believe that how you run your business and marketing should be 100% unique to you. I can fast-track your success because I’ve personally achieved what I teach:

  • I’ve delivered workshops for across sectors and the globe with organisations including O2, Reuters, Oracle, Estee Lauder, Microsoft, HP, Women In Technology, Teenage Cancer Trust, Lloyds, Councils, Ernst Young 
  • I've delivered masterclasses and spoken at panels.
  • I’ve been featured across the national press and I’m now a regular contributor to Psychologies magazine.
  • I'm an accredited co-active coach (one of the pioneer coaching companies in the world). I'm also NLP certified and qualified in several psychometric tools including Hogan Assessments, MBTI, Firo-B, SDI, Cultural Orientations Framework and TE-IQ

Results like these are waiting for you to claim them, too.

Here’s how it works and what you will receive:

How It Works

The online course has three modules: 

Workshop Discover

Workshop Design

Workshop Delivery

Each modules has six 15-20 minute bitesize lessons with handouts, tip sheets and exercises.




Exclusive access to the Soulful Sold Out Workshop facebook community where you can ask any questions which I will respond to in 24 hours.

This is an online digital course with a difference.You still get access to me. Weekly FB lives 'afternoon tea'  drop ins. I'll share lessons and you can ask any questions. 


Let's get into the detail


What you need to know before you start designing your workshop

Your workshop archetype

How to pitch workshops to corporates

How to come up with winning course title

Why you need to get under the skin of your course avataar

How to develop a signature workshop



How to write learning objectives 

Structuring your workshop so it flows

Creating exercises for different learning styles

Designing for different personality types

How to pull together course material that rocks

How to design a course for introverts and extroverts

The difference in designing for a masterclass vs a longer program




How to grab the audience's attention with an opening that sticks

How to manage the energy in the room

The power of using personal stories intentionally

The difference between in-house and open courses

How to recover when you lose control

Dealing with the awkward, anxious or angry participant

How to adapt your material and style to the audience


"Salma has a world of knowledge and experience in hosting workshops. She made the content super easy and digestible for any level, including myself as I was in the beginning stages of my business. "

Dr Anne Marie

And now for the Bonuses...

Access to my priceless plug and play workshop exercises guide with instructions on how to make these your own

50% off a 1:1 one hour deep dive session. Usual price £450

Access to my fabulous Brand Me eJournal 

"Interesting eye opener course to self-awareness in the workplace and how to better yourself to achieve greater goals"

Personal Brand Workshop

"The course was tailored to our organisation and very engaging. Salma took time to discuss relevant scenarios "

Leadership Training

"A fun and informative day, the exposure to how to create a compelling story is essential to knowing how presentations small and large can be made more effective"

Storytelling for Tech

"I found the session extremely useful and thought provoking. It never occurred to me, how important Psychology can be within selling, especially in a Demo environment."

Winning Demos

"The conversations we all had in the peer group were brilliant and personable. Salma's 'live' flip charting and training was great. I loved how open and honest we could be as a group"

Leadership Training

"The course met my objectives and I found it very interesting. Great team bonding throughout. Salma gave us time to explore what we wanted to explore "

Leadership Training

You owe it to the world to share your powerful work with as many people as possible.

You've probably got a few questions. If they aren't answered below or you want to dig deeper or need clarification just jump into the chat box

The digital course will be available from August 2019

Absolutely and I would encourage you to do so. Email us

No, instead I suggest you do your due diligence before purchasing. Reach out to me on social media and connect with me. Message me and I'll get back to you and we can speak via zoom. You can email me I'm also active on Linked In, Instagram and have a FB community. 

You can ask me questions via the FB group or book a 1:1 strategy session

As you know from the work you do that nobody can ever guarantee your results. It's just how it is!

I can provide you with the all tools, support, frameworks and my best practice on the ground delivery experience


It has to come from you.  

Yes, it is inclusive of tax and VAT.

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